Vince Vaughn’s stepfather liable in goat blood drug case, jury finds

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Doug McClain Ruins Vince Vaughn’s Career!?!
Vince Vaughn has been involved in some far-fetched scenarios during his Hollywood career — “The Internship,” anyone? — but if a screenwriter pitched him on a plot based on his family’s long-running federal court woes, even he might reject it as a little too much.
First the actor’s mom, Shea Vaughn, paid more than $1 million in 2006 to settle a complaint brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Now, a decade later, the star’s stepfather has been found liable by a federal jury for misleading investors in a second, related case for improperly marketing a drug derived from goat blood.
Stephen Ferrone, 65, who is married to Vaughn’s mother and lives with her in a Lake Forest mansion, defrauded investors by falsely claiming the goat blood-derived drug his company developed was on track to receive approval for widespread use on patients, a jury found at the end of a two-week trial Friday.

Ferrone, the $400,000-a-year CEO of Immunosyn, also signed off on false SEC filings, the jury found. The SEC said Ferrone’s actions helped goose the stock price of Immunosyn, of which he and his wife owned 1.75 million shares, and that Immunosyn scammed $20 million out of investors.
The verdict means Ferrone, a former Cook County prosecutor who referred to his stepson as “Vincent” on the stand last week, could be barred from being the officer of a public company and he may have to repay any ill-gotten gains when the judge imposes punishment later this year.
Vince Vaughn, who was not a party to the case and was mentioned only in passing in court, declined to comment through his publicist Monday.
Friday’s verdict could bring to an end a five-year court battle that included ghoulish allegations that one of Ferrone’s business partners preyed on terminally ill investors and scammed them out of up to $300,000 by making false claims about the goat blood-derived drug.


Doug’s indisputable cult involvement 

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In his Hillaryesque way, Doug is apparently as incapable of honesty as pertains to the cult he has been involved with since at least his teen years as he is with everything else. When he tells you about his property/airplanes/investment/ranches/rich friends/whatever in Alaska- it is cult related. Of course there ARE no planes/ranches/investments, and if you haven’t figured that out by now I can’t help you. But all of those murky, confusing, incredible, preposterous Alaska tales spin from 1) his imagination 2) his indisputable, undeniable, very tragic life being an ‘elder’ of Sam Fife’s cult, Alaska branch. We can place him there as a teenager, up through his first several years as a husband/father. Beyond that I suspect it would take a team of forensic experts years to uncover his true identity & history.

When Hillary is hit with the truth, she condescends, insults, avoids the subject,  tries to change the subject, reiterates her lies and attempts to cast aspersions on the person telling the truth.

She also utilizes minions in her campaign, the media or the government to do most of that for her.

Hillary Clinton and Doug McClain have a great deal in common.

But each of them also have open, free, invitation & opportunity to repent and be washed clean. Jesus doesn’t appreciate scandalous, horrific, demonic abuse done ‘in His Name.’ But if His sacrifice is big enough to cleanse me of MY sin, it is big enough to cleanse anyone’s.

If you are a friend of Doug’s, be a real friend of Doug’s. Love him enough to cut through the lies and deception that obscures him. Love him more than you love money, or his lies about getting you more of it. Love him more than you love your special position in his ‘inner circle.’ Love him enough to obey the Spirit of Discernment.

In my own  life, telling the truth to someone who had the power to destroy me, destroyed me. People who resist looking at themselves honestly often have a support system of people who stand to gain by being ‘yes men.’ Doug is no exception. But I believe the Lord values those who stand up to self-delusion, and spiritual deception. In my case, I was alone in my fight for the person I loved, who was caught in self-delusion and spiritual deception. I did not know how to fight & made a lot of mistakes. It was my aloneness and my own personal failures that resulted in losing as much as I did. But I would rather know that God was proud of me, mistakes and all, than to have never tried.

There are enough of you connected to Doug, that you don’t have to try to be the Light Bringer by yourself. If you are willing to obey the Spirit of Discernment, ask God to lead you to others who will also. He loves Doug & wants him to show fruit in keeping with repentance, as he does for the rest of us. Will you put Doug’s spiritual needs above your own comfort?

This was posted this morning on Facebook by someone I met via this blog. When you read, realize that Doug McClain got his start in ministry & in crime through this cult:

Just finished reading “cult child”, the true story of a young girl who grew up in Sam Fife’s abusive horror “Christian cult camp”. Good read if you care about the abused who are tortured in the name of Jesus 😢 I really don’t understand why real Christians don’t get involved with investigating these types of claims as they are numerous. How can we look the other way? 😥😭

– I agree with this woman. Do you ?

Yours in Christ,


Doug’s Multiple-Felony Arrest Warrant

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I’m occasionally contacted by one of Doug’s new “investors” who somehow can’t believe that this genial, “Christian leader” is in fact a well-documented career criminal.  He certainly knows the Bible. That’s par for the course, being a life-long leader of a global cult. What, you don’t believe that? Well, even I wouldn’t have guessed it until a bevy of his former ‘disciples’ came out of the woodwork in response to this blog. There is a great deal of horrifying and heartbreaking information to be known about his cult-driven, criminal antics in Alaska. There is a great deal to be known about his unthinkable, spiritually-abusive deeds right down here in the San Antonio/Boerne area. But those stories are not mine to tell. Find out for yourself.  “The Move,” aka “The Move of the Spirit,” aka “Move of God” was begun by Sam Fife in the 1960’s, down in Florida. Our friend Doug was already an ‘elder’ in the Alaska branch of ‘The Move’ at the age of 18. A lot of Doug’s nefarious criminal history comes out of Alaska, come to think of it.  If he’s spun you awe-inspiring Alaskan tales of his fleet of airplanes, or his huge ranches, or his uber wealthy business associates… do some digging. I honestly don’t believe he would tell the truth if his life depended on it.

Go ahead and google his name – listed in full on the attached arrest warrant. Follow all the rabbit holes you can stomach. But I encourage y0u not to ignore the spirit of Discernment as you begin to uncover the truth. Don’t let the enemy talk you into denying or ‘overcoming’ the cold, sick feeling that hits you right in the gut.  Instead, you have been invited to come to your Father God. Commit yourself to Him and only to Him. Ask His Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth. Rebuke the slick spirits of deception and blasphemy that want you to be enamored and mesmerized by Doug McClain – or any other human being. Give your mind wholly to the Mind of Christ. Whatever level of involvement you have with Doug, as a ‘brother’ or ‘father’ or ‘business associate’ – FEAR NOT. Your Father will see to your protection, and financial restoration. You need only commit yourself to Him, and His Word. If you are His sheep you will hear His Voice. He will guide you and He will protect you and He will restore you. Find His promises to you, and stand your ground on them.

There are older arrest warrants out there for Doug.  The two I’m thinking of come from Alaska around 40 years ago, and from SA/Boerne area about 20 years ago. This is being reposted because I have a feeling somebody’s out there with a golden carrot dangling in front of his eyes, but disquiet in his spirit.  Whoever you are, I urge you to “get wisdom, because it is better than gold” and “far more valuable than rubies”

BTW – I do not sleep with a pillow over my face. I have never been suicidally depressed. I don’t frequent ledges of multi-story buildings. I am not at risk of a barbell crushing my throat,  or of overdosing on mouthwash. I don’t go canoeing obscure creeks alone at midnight, and I couldn’t shoot myself in the face with a shotgun even if I tried. I am just saying.

Here it is, a blast from the recent past:




Inescapable results of theft and deception 

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I urge Doug to come clean and repent, because then will he find forgiveness. “Friends” who DON’T hold him accountable are NOT friends. If you love a person, you wake them up and position them to become right with God. 

Ignoring the voice of discernment and truth isn’t going to help you, or him. Show your fruits by loving justice and righteousness more than whatever you think you can gain by buying into whatever Doug is selling these days. 

Proverbs 28:13   He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh [them] shall have mercy.

Jeremiah 17:11.  Like the partridge hatching what it did not lay, so are all who amass wealth unjustly; in mid-life it will leave them, and at their end they will prove to be fools.

Don’t end up being proven a fool. 

Sam Fife & McClain’s “The Move”

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I was contacted via FaceBook by a woman whose family member has been involved with “The Move” for many years. She is looking for information that specifies the false doctrine and ideology this cult promotes, in order to set her family free of it. 

Below is a link to a letter addressed to The Move’s elders. 

Several of you have contacted me about this cult and McClain’s leadership role in it, beginning in Alaska, decades ago. I am hoping you might help this lady shed light on what this cult teaches.  She mentioned the names Bill & MaryAnn Bennett, John Hinson, Dan Ricciardelli, Buddy Cobb, Bill Grier, John Jeffreys (current prez of IMA – formally The Move).  

Thank you to anyone who can help bring the Light of Christ into this spiritual darkness.

Click here:  Open Letter to The Move’s Elders

Hahaha! He’s baa-aack!

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Check it out. This is priceless!

Doug, are serious? You’re allegedly some big ministry dude, right? The why don’t you know what God says about liars? Thieves? Those who steal from WIDOWS and ORPHANS? Those who lie- and use His Name to do it? Wait. Surely you KNOW. You just don’t care!

You want more money? Then acquire it a legal, honest, decent, moral, honorable way. God can bless that. But He cannot bless your criminal wickedness.

Here’s a classic expert:

“Mr. McClain’s current work is the development of treatments and the training of physicians. The therapies and protocols focus on the cause of disease rather than the symptoms.” Hahaha, oh really? Tell us, Doug, what exactly are you ‘training physicians?’ If anybody has the common sense to simple start googling your name and tracking your countless civil and criminal judgments, there will be no more sheep to deceive and fleece.

“A deeply committed Christian, Doug McClain has permanent custody of three children who had been living in an abusive situation.” Really? With your criminal history? Especially that certain very tragic one way back in Alaska. Not even a government agency would hand over children to you, with that on your record. Imagine. What if you DID have custody given to you of some poor children – and THEN the government learned what it is you’ve tried to hide? That would be pretty ugly for all concerned, Doug.

I sure wish there were more “ministry types” who had the courage to stop McClain,  so that he created fewer victims.

The Emperor Is Naked!

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I’ve been contacted a couple times recently, by someone who has apparently thrown in his/her lot with McClain, and also by someone who is a mature, discerning Christian who saw that McClain’s a crook and acted accordingly.

I understand I’m being castigated and insulted by those who would like to think of themselves as mature men and “Kingdom of God experts.”

Here’s my $0.02

Discernment, and obeying a discerning spirit… Mandatory. Not easy, and these things take courage. Let me tell you- I’ve been insulted, warned and berated  personally by Kersh, and by one of his friends- a man who was once my friend too. This is a very heavy spiritual battle, and it’s vital to come down on the side of right and righteousness.

Yes, I’m as human as the next guy & we are all tempted by the ‘fear of man’ But being insulted, harassed, warned and otherwise intimidated by McClain’s little yes -men … sorry fellas, but you’ve already surrendered your Man Card and any authority you may have had with me spiritually, you threw away when you threw away logic, discernment, truth, reason and righteousness in exchange for whatever financial promises Doug McClain has made you.

Am I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

All of us who’ve been introduced to this unholiness present in McClain – we each have choices to make. Me? I’ve chosen to obey the One whose throne is founded on Justice and Righteousness.

Mitch – you can say whatever you want about me. Honestly, you have no authority in my life that what you say or think carries any weight. What you think about me matters nothing. I care what God thinks. And I care about what matters to Him. “For this purpose was the Son of God manifest: to overturn the works of the devil.”

This little blog is dedicated to only that. You don’t like it? That’s your problem, and your spiritual concern. I’m a simple woman. I’m not a Kingdom of God expert like I’m told you consider yourself to be. I’m just a nobody, unimportant woman who has met Jesus. I’m called according to His purpose. I’m willing to be obedient even unto death. I’m neither afraid of nor impressed by you. I would be, if you showed a glimmer of discernment or obedience. If Truth mattered to you more than your own reputation, or ego, or money.

I really don’t care, frankly. But if you’d be less “concerned” about little old nobody me, and more concerned about 1) actual spiritual discernment 2) obedience, you’d find that your choices and path would be majorly adjusted, and you’d put yourself in the path of blessing
Apparently you call me bitter. No sir, I’m not. Not about all of this. There are things in my life that cause me to continually come to the Throne of Grace, so that I do not become bitter.
But this stuff, with McClain and Kersh and the little people who love money more than righteousness? No, I’m not bitter. I’m discerning, and obedient and OMG – do I have courage. You’ve got to give me that! Because despite the crap you’ve thrown at me, I’m still here. And I’m still willing to tell the truth to whomever has an ear to hear.

But what do I know? Nothing. It’s the endless supply of lawsuits, and bankruptcies, and investigations, and lives that have been either ruined or ended; the cult histories and manslaughter charges and drug cartels and government investigations and the prison sentences, and the CIA and the SEC and the FBI and the California justice system that Doug used to send his own son to prison, to protect himself. It’s the dead people, the ruined people, the people who believed McClain and ignored the spirit of Discernment and plain old common sense… I don’t know anything. All those people do though. The class action lawsuits against old Dougie. The widows and orphans and dying people that he has ravaged like a rabid wolf… It would indicate a bit of godliness and wisdom if you took your eyes off the empty financial promises and put them on those people. I’m just sayin’

But if you who know all this and still choose to be in business with this known, documented conman and thief want to get out while the getting is good? Do so. If you lose some money, God will restore it. If you’re waking up to the fact that you’ve stepped into quick sand, then grab onto the vine and pull yourself out. You can’t get out by sinking in even deeper.

You- the man who threatened to “sue me” and who said – I’m totally serious here folks –

“Doug McClean is love.

Doug McClean is life.”

You can’t hurt me, I double-dog dare you to “sue me” and if you actually want to, I feel sorry for you.

My advice sir: WAKE UP!
You’ve been introduced to the facts and the truth. It’s up to you what you do with it.