By their fruits you shall know them.

My family came to know Doug as a ‘minister’ and for a time,we benefited from his mediating skills. For that we are grateful. However, having gained our father’s confidence, he reached out his hand and “borrowed” money that was intended to be left to his grandchildren.  Money he had worked for many years to set aside for their futures  has been forever lost to Doug’s secret, entangled,  legal/financial web. Doug’s alleged reasons for wanting to ‘borrow’ our dad’s money have become outdated and obsolete, and he has moved on to yet another so-called business deal. Doug has broken every “handshake” and legal agreement  he made to pay back this “loan”, offering convoluted excuse after excuse, until even the excuses stopped.   If Doug had not deceived our dad,  he would never have “loaned” him a cent. Doug’s fundamental dishonesty and overt, provable lies have cost our father  more than a huge chunk of his life savings, and his grandchildren’s college funds. There is seemingly no end to Doug’s false promises, false information, and out-right lies. He never admits the truth, even when presented with evidence that he has lied.

We have learned that Doug has “borrowed” money from many others in our Christian community.  He seems to target ministers, and those to whom he ministers – like us.

This website serves to share links and information about Doug McClain, Sr.

See a few links at right. Do your own research, too. There’s a TON of data, including official reports from the FBI, SEC and several courts, that prove he’s a con man. The earliest documentation we’ve found goes back to 1993- when the internet first became available to the public. It would take a forensic criminologist to pull together his entire long, successful career as a thief, a liar, and a conman.

One might wonder how he has gotten away with this so far?

As investigators have dug more deeply into his operations,  something bone-chilling has come to light.   Mr. McClain has engineered a sophisticated banking network for quickly laundering funds and getting them out of the system so they can never be recovered. He’s often stated that “all the judgments” against him are summary judgments. He doesn’t even bother fighting them, because it would be an unnecessary expense, as the plaintiffs and courts have literally zero recourse against him.

He has stated verbally (on tape) and in writing that he personally own no assets save his homestead, which is exempt from civil judgment. While he talks about owning all kinds of stuff,  he claims that his assets are all in another person’s name.

He also has a vast and impressive knowledge of international banking, including which nations are least cooperative in terms of disclosure and extradition.

 He has created a world in which he can take funds from people – under any pretense, with impunity – and never miss a wink of sleep worrying about recourse. Is it not true also that many regulatory agencies (like the SEC) deal mainly in civil courts? If that’s the case, he’s free from their reach as well.  He has constructed a system that makes him 100% immune from lawsuits.

Thankfully, he has finally crossed the line into a provable criminal action – and we pray he goes down hard for it.  Otherwise he will continue to steal, kill and destroy in more lives and ministries.
It is important to remember the the CON in con man is short for confidence. Doug is very good at what he does. He always comes across as understanding, sympathetic, optimistic, and generous. He can quote scripture with seeming sincerity (like Satan did to Jesus), and preach with passion. He has the uncanny ability to look you in the eye and lie with a straight face. Just remember what the Bible says, “By their fruits you shall know them.” I pray for you to find the wisdom and discernment that we lacked, so that you can be spared the pain this unrepentant deceiver will cause you.

Doug preys on ministry leaders especially. His established M.O. is to act sympatheic to their cause, give some small “special gifts” (and occasionally some worthless stock — see “Immunosyn” at right), and then make big promises about what he’s going to do as soon as his BIG DEAL closes (which is always imminent but never happens, and he continually moves from BIG DEAL to BIG DEAL once the storyline plays out with no payday). Once he gains the ministry leader’s CONfidence, he leverages that to get access to other legitimate supporters.

He then plays them with a similar storyline … “I’ll be able to help the ministry you support in a big way soon… but till then I just need a couple thousand dollars here and there…” It’s his FULL TIME JOB. He’s not as sophisticated as Bernie Madoff, yet I beleive he’s more evil because he uses a Christian angle to gain the confidence of his marks. But it’s the same game. He borrows from one to tip another, and on and on it goes.

Be careful. He is slick and oh-so “sincere.” Do NOT turn your back on him. Do NOT get him involved in your ministry, business or financial affairs. Do NOT introduce him to your friends. Do NOT have him preach at your church or teach a Bible study. If you do, you will regret it!


~ by AFriend on April 25, 2012.

4 Responses to “By their fruits you shall know them.”

  1. Thank you for taking teh time to do this. I am a victim of this crook too I pray he is brought to justice soon so others can be safe .

  2. Doug took my company on a HUGE joyride as well as took us for over 10m in cash and even more in stock. It looks like his world is getting smaller. It could not happen soon enough. This guy has hurt a ton of people.

  3. I heard the piece of crap was just arrested and charged with two felonies for fraud. Praise God and good riddance!

  4. His cons have been going on for about 30 years!! Countless victims!

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