On August 11, 2012, Douglas A. McClain, Sr. was arrested at his home in Kendall County, TX, charged with two 1st degree felonies for fraud.

Each charge carries up to a $10,000 fine, and a prison sentence of 5 years to life.  Doug McClain could well be sentenced to serve two back-to-back life sentences.

This isn’t a civil court, whose rulings and  judgments he can blow off and walk away from, unscathed.

This is the criminal justice system; these are criminal charges, brought by the United States Government, and not simply a group of terminally ill cancer patients or widows he lied to, stole from, and left ruined in his wake.

This time, Doug McClain is going to pay the piper.

The TV and print media are already hot on this story, dumbfounded that Doug McClain has been ravaging victims and staying under the radar this long.

Well, not any longer.



~ by AFriend on August 23, 2012.


  1. Oh my goodness! Finally!! My mother “invested” a huge chunk of Dad’s retirement payout with doug back in the early 80’s. Same story.. Doug was a big deal in this religious group that they were affiliated with (The Move) and of course, Doug was someone who could definitely be trusted ..right? ? ? My folks got interest payments for a few months, then Doug fell on “reverses” in his investment. always promising to pay when his next “big deal” closed, he strung them along for years.. Us kids got involved and finally got him to settle for a couple thousand dollars and just had to let it go.

    I had no idea how pervasive his activities were. I just thought he was a sleazeball.. not a career con man!

    • Wow, Claudette! It is nuts that he hasn’t been to prison yet. Well, not that we know of. Nobody in his life down here in the San Antonio area has any idea his cult involvement although it really explains a lot. There’s something wicked controlling him, and that’s just obvious. So much I’ve learned thanks to folks like you, that only a forensic private investigator could possibly turn up. What is done in the darkness is exposed in the light.

      He and his attorney are due in court on March 18th. There is no way he can possibly get off the hook with this, he’s hung himself by his own tongue and I understand that even his lawyer knows it. He’s now in the criminal justice system, and he ain’t getting out.

  2. Hello, thank you for the info. Can you please email me your phone number so that we may talk about the current situation with Doug Sr. I would like to know more about him as we are Buisness partners. Please email me at thanks

    • Hello Mr. Weston – I’m glad you found me. I have emailed you my phone # and am more than happy to speak with you.


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