And the hits just keep on comin’!


~ by AFriend on December 2, 2012.

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  1. I am wondering if this is the Douglas McClain that lived in Delta Junction years ago. Debra McClain would have been Debra Alloe before marrying Douglas???? and her mother would be Peggy Alloe? I knew they lived outside of San Antonio and Doug used to be a minister….his first wife died of cancer….Margaret. Can you verify this for me….

    • Yes, that’s him. No idea what the truth is re: first wife. All the man is capable of doing is lying, so there’s no way to really know unless you do your own research. You wouldn’t believe the garbage he tries to sell. You really wouldn’t.

      The court doesn’t, that’s for sure. We are waiting for the indictment on his to 1st degree felonies and 1 third degree felony, they should come shortly. The DA has such huge mountains of iron-clad evidence against him, it is taking a lot of man hours to process it all.

      He’s going to prison, and I guess his wife can visit him there.

    • That’s the same Doug McClain, Ruth. Debra is his wife, he was apparently widowed, lives outside of San Antonio, and pretends to be a minister of the Gospel.

  2. Social media gives everyone with an opinion a massive platform, however ill advised and or accurate it may or may not be.
    I am a 36 year licensed lending professional veteran and have known Doug McClain and his wife just as long.
    While clearly issues have occurred the summation of evil intent or pre-meditative abuse regarding Mr. McClain, (perhaps he could have and should had not leaned on his own understand and ran to God when he got in a mess…this is true), is your perspective but not the man I know. And frankly I am known for being brutally honest and accurate.
    McClain has a ‘call’ on his life, seriously you cannot make this stuff up, God has ‘anointed’ Doug for His purposes.
    I have rarely, if ever, seen such a powerful anointing on anyone and I have been around. Then the test came and his wife the love of his life died, despite all the prayers (and the teachings he sat under said she would live) she died.
    We the church let him down as he made a big veer to business with a big broken heart and a hidden riff with God over her crossing.
    Layer upon layer Doug leaned to his own understanding and stopped seeking God’s opinion and guidance and now he is in a huge mess.
    The more you know the worse the consequences:(
    God will use the test and trials of life to teach us, to draw us home and to refine our understanding of who He is and we are in Him. This is what is happening with Mr. McClain. I would say to those who feel betrayed or cheated, pray and allow God to search your heart, IF you lean into God he will restore 120% to you (through/from where ever God chooses) and further vengeance is mine saith the Lord. We do not war against flesh and blood but powers and principalities in high places. Here we are between heaven and hell and given the opportunity to be a victim or a master, if we are disciples of the Master we will chose the later.
    No one is perfect, NO not one, all have fallen short and NONE of us can do this in our own strength-He is just calling us home, now let us all chose whom we will serve, the Lord or something else?
    Christians are not perfect but are clay in the Masters hands when yielded.
    The only way out is through and we are all in this together.
    Lets leave room for God’s glory and each surrender our stories to God that we will know His peace. This world and our lives are vapors. I pray His presence and miracles are swift and mighty for all.
    In Christ Jesus~Kathryn

    • Hello Kathryn – I’m not sure when you sent this and don’t remember seeing it before.

      I appreciate your Godly-mindedness. One gift that I acknowledge having been given is discernment. God has guided me, navigated me around huge traps, given me insight and direction for myself and others – by exercising this discernment, and obeying where His spirit of discernment leads me.

      It is almost tangible, the spiritual activity around McClain. However, it may or may not be an anointing from God that you pick up on. And even had McClain been anointed by God in the past, God will indeed take it away to protect us, to preserve the sanctity and purity of His Word, and in His effort to bring about Justice, and Righteousness.

      The enemy hits us where we’re weak. And we are ALL weak in our own areas. I believe that the enemy has been able to steal/kill/destroy through McClain BECAUSE of what you once perceived as a godly anointing. And, he’s been able to trap Spirit-filled Kingdom-minded folks through it, perhaps more so than unSpiritual people.

      The Lord DOES warn us of “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” I encourage you to seek knowledge and Rhema about this subject. Jesus tells us to perceive and know the times in which we live. We are to see and recognize signs of it just as we recognize that dark clouds bring rain.

      We must be extremely shrewd, as wise as serpents & innocent as doves. We must practice responding with obedience and faith to what Discernment reveals to our hearts, and obey it rather than reason it away. We are most likely the generation that “will not pass away until…” and we are warned that in these days — even the elect will be deceived! I don’t know about you, but that admonition compels me to work out my salvation with fear and trembling.

      There’s a lot of garbage and nonsense polluting several streams of the River, and it is our own personal responsibility to stay keenly alert, and humbly obedient to whatever the Lord shows. He intends to remove the garbage and nonsense. But how can He, if the Body simply absorbs it, in blindness or immaturity? Or with pride in our own alleged, self-perceived ‘rank’ or’position’ in the Body or the Kingdom? I believe that pride is the source of contention and strife (Proverbs 13:10). And frankly, I have never witnessed self-glorifying spiritual pride as I have inside of the den in which McClain and his pals call home.

      My purpose with this McClain thing is to destroy the works of the enemy. That was the reason Christ Jesus became manifest, according to 1 John 3:8. I’ve been cussed, cursed and called out for it, I assure you. And by those who are under the spiritual deception that overshadows McClain. Again – I have never encountered self-righteous, smug, arrogant blindness like I have in those who surround McClain. Pride reveals itself so clearly if we only have eyes to see. I am only one woman, surely a nobody in the eyes of the world – was even called a ‘nobody’ by McClain’s top minister guy. I don’t have any reputation but the Lord, and I have nothing to lose but dead flesh. I am not intimidated by the name calling, the rage, the curses, or the attempt to wow me with a spiritual resume waved in my face while being cussed out or called a nobody.

      I only endeavor to destroy the works of the devil, and so far, Kathryn, this blog has been used to that end, glory to God.

      Thank you for praying for McClain, and for us all Kathryn. I confess I haven’t prayed for him lately, as he did manage to withdraw $200,000 from the millions he has hidden across the globe and returned what he stole. And no, I do not use that term lightly or without overwhelming proof and evidence. So evident that McClain would have finally served prison time had he blown this off like he has literally countless people in countless civil suits.

      Satan steals, and kills, and destroys. I know of horrible things in McClain’s personal life that highlight all three of those satanic functions, and I believe it is our duty to protect others from these things. When there’s a wolf in the fold- somebody’s got to expose him for the sake of the Sheep! Somebody’s got to actually Fulfil Christ’s purpose, and that is to destroy the devil’s work! Is that vengeance? Of course it is not.

      Thank you again for your comment and observations.


  3. Does anyone know where they live now? I am trying to get in touch with Debbie. My neice adopted her nephews. We need a family health history. She can e-mail me at info below.

    • Hi Valerie, I would guess he is still in Boerne but he is very hard to find. Hopefully one of his inner circle will convey your request.

    • Valerie- please see Vinnie’s response on my most recent post. I bet she can help you!

      • I have no idea. Wish I did, at one time they were all a precious part of my life. Would like to know how everyone is.

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