The Beginning of the End of a Career Criminal

Another eye opening article by Daniel Hopsicker.

The Vanishing:
Christian Cult’s Airport Disappears

March 21 2014
by Daniel Hopsicker

Douglas McClain Sr, charged with financial fraud against the elderly after allegedly swindling $200,000 from an 74-year old paraplegic, befriending his victim by acting as if her were a Christian minister, instead of a sociopathic con man, showed up in court for the first time Tuesday in San Antonio for a pre-trial hearing, appearing unsettled and uncertain, according to a source close to the case.

But even as news trickled out from the courtroom in San Antonio, where the case was postponed for a month, an even more startling development was transpiring elsewhere.

The NEW YORK TIMES had once reported that the cult owned “a fleet of planes.”

“There is something you’re missing here,” another former cult member told me.

“The farms’ weren’t generating any money. When I lived there we were shooting moose illegally just so we’d have food. Yet the cult owned at least a dozen airplanes at any one time. When you have a group that’s got no money, where’s the money coming from?”

read the story here:


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