Con man for Christ headed criminal hyena pack

Another eye-opening expose by Daniel Hopsicker. Hopsicker has been researching, investigating and writing about McClain and McClain Jr. for years.

March 24 2014
by Daniel Hopsicker

Doug McClain Sr’s financial fraud career as a a grifter, racketeer, and flimflam man can be traced back more than two decades, and likely extends much further into his past.

The so-far unanswered question about him has been where he first acquired powerful patrons whose clout could-and did-keep him out of jail despite his record for flagrant financial fraud.

While the ultimate answer may not yet be clear, for sheer greed, brazen theft and raw carnality-committed with the protection and apparent blessing of former leaders in both major political parties- it would be hard to top McClain’s stint during the early 1990’s at International Profit Associates (IPA) in Chicago.

read the story here:


~ by DeborahLayne on March 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “Con man for Christ headed criminal hyena pack”

  1. I would encourage ones interested in this journalist to go to his website, and peruse his vast collection, read some of the archives…then go on YouTube and watch a bit…it won’t take long to solve this whole dilemma in about 1-2 minutes.

    • I agree! Or you can read the endless trail of official, court documents on the right side of this page that all point to the mind-numbing evidence that Hopsicker is right on track.

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