Hahaha! He’s baa-aack!

Check it out. This is priceless!  www.DouglasMcClain.com

Doug, are serious? You’re allegedly some big ministry dude, right? The why don’t you know what God says about liars? Thieves? Those who steal from WIDOWS and ORPHANS? Those who lie- and use His Name to do it? Wait. Surely you KNOW. You just don’t care!

You want more money? Then acquire it a legal, honest, decent, moral, honorable way. God can bless that. But He cannot bless your criminal wickedness.

Here’s a classic expert:

“Mr. McClain’s current work is the development of treatments and the training of physicians. The therapies and protocols focus on the cause of disease rather than the symptoms.” Hahaha, oh really? Tell us, Doug, what exactly are you ‘training physicians?’ If anybody has the common sense to simple start googling your name and tracking your countless civil and criminal judgments, there will be no more sheep to deceive and fleece.

“A deeply committed Christian, Doug McClain has permanent custody of three children who had been living in an abusive situation.” Really? With your criminal history? Especially that certain very tragic one way back in Alaska. Not even a government agency would hand over children to you, with that on your record. Imagine. What if you DID have custody given to you of some poor children – and THEN the government learned what it is you’ve tried to hide? That would be pretty ugly for all concerned, Doug.

I sure wish there were more “ministry types” who had the courage to stop McClain,  so that he created fewer victims.

~ by DeborahLayne on August 10, 2016.

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