Sam Fife & McClain’s “The Move”

I was contacted via FaceBook by a woman whose family member has been involved with “The Move” for many years. She is looking for information that specifies the false doctrine and ideology this cult promotes, in order to set her family free of it. 

Below is a link to a letter addressed to The Move’s elders. 

Several of you have contacted me about this cult and McClain’s leadership role in it, beginning in Alaska, decades ago. I am hoping you might help this lady shed light on what this cult teaches.  She mentioned the names Bill & MaryAnn Bennett, John Hinson, Dan Ricciardelli, Buddy Cobb, Bill Grier, John Jeffreys (current prez of IMA – formally The Move).  

Thank you to anyone who can help bring the Light of Christ into this spiritual darkness.

Click here:  Open Letter to The Move’s Elders

~ by DeborahLayne on August 17, 2016.

3 Responses to “Sam Fife & McClain’s “The Move””

  1. Hey there. Bill Grier is currently the leader of Whitestone and Buddy Cobb took over after Sam Fife’s death. I lived on the same compound as Doug McClain. His mother was my handler. I’d be happy to talk with her. My email is:

  2. YW – she emailed me and I shared what I hope gave her answers. I hope to support and help any way I can. Much love to you, Deborah.

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