Doug’s Multiple-Felony Arrest Warrant

I’m occasionally contacted by one of Doug’s new “investors” who somehow can’t believe that this genial, “Christian leader” is in fact a well-documented career criminal.  He certainly knows the Bible. That’s par for the course, being a life-long leader of a global cult. What, you don’t believe that? Well, even I wouldn’t have guessed it until a bevy of his former ‘disciples’ came out of the woodwork in response to this blog. There is a great deal of horrifying and heartbreaking information to be known about his cult-driven, criminal antics in Alaska. There is a great deal to be known about his unthinkable, spiritually-abusive deeds right down here in the San Antonio/Boerne area. But those stories are not mine to tell. Find out for yourself.  “The Move,” aka “The Move of the Spirit,” aka “Move of God” was begun by Sam Fife in the 1960’s, down in Florida. Our friend Doug was already an ‘elder’ in the Alaska branch of ‘The Move’ at the age of 18. A lot of Doug’s nefarious criminal history comes out of Alaska, come to think of it.  If he’s spun you awe-inspiring Alaskan tales of his fleet of airplanes, or his huge ranches, or his uber wealthy business associates… do some digging. I honestly don’t believe he would tell the truth if his life depended on it.

Go ahead and google his name – listed in full on the attached arrest warrant. Follow all the rabbit holes you can stomach. But I encourage y0u not to ignore the spirit of Discernment as you begin to uncover the truth. Don’t let the enemy talk you into denying or ‘overcoming’ the cold, sick feeling that hits you right in the gut.  Instead, you have been invited to come to your Father God. Commit yourself to Him and only to Him. Ask His Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth. Rebuke the slick spirits of deception and blasphemy that want you to be enamored and mesmerized by Doug McClain – or any other human being. Give your mind wholly to the Mind of Christ. Whatever level of involvement you have with Doug, as a ‘brother’ or ‘father’ or ‘business associate’ – FEAR NOT. Your Father will see to your protection, and financial restoration. You need only commit yourself to Him, and His Word. If you are His sheep you will hear His Voice. He will guide you and He will protect you and He will restore you. Find His promises to you, and stand your ground on them.

There are older arrest warrants out there for Doug.  The two I’m thinking of come from Alaska around 40 years ago, and from SA/Boerne area about 20 years ago. This is being reposted because I have a feeling somebody’s out there with a golden carrot dangling in front of his eyes, but disquiet in his spirit.  Whoever you are, I urge you to “get wisdom, because it is better than gold” and “far more valuable than rubies”

BTW – I do not sleep with a pillow over my face. I have never been suicidally depressed. I don’t frequent ledges of multi-story buildings. I am not at risk of a barbell crushing my throat,  or of overdosing on mouthwash. I don’t go canoeing obscure creeks alone at midnight, and I couldn’t shoot myself in the face with a shotgun even if I tried. I am just saying.

Here it is, a blast from the recent past:




~ by DeborahLayne on September 24, 2016.

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