Doug’s indisputable cult involvement 

In his Hillaryesque way, Doug is apparently as incapable of honesty as pertains to the cult he has been involved with since at least his teen years as he is with everything else. When he tells you about his property/airplanes/investment/ranches/rich friends/whatever in Alaska- it is cult related. Of course there ARE no planes/ranches/investments, and if you haven’t figured that out by now I can’t help you. But all of those murky, confusing, incredible, preposterous Alaska tales spin from 1) his imagination 2) his indisputable, undeniable, very tragic life being an ‘elder’ of Sam Fife’s cult, Alaska branch. We can place him there as a teenager, up through his first several years as a husband/father. Beyond that I suspect it would take a team of forensic experts years to uncover his true identity & history.

When Hillary is hit with the truth, she condescends, insults, avoids the subject,  tries to change the subject, reiterates her lies and attempts to cast aspersions on the person telling the truth.

She also utilizes minions in her campaign, the media or the government to do most of that for her.

Hillary Clinton and Doug McClain have a great deal in common.

But each of them also have open, free, invitation & opportunity to repent and be washed clean. Jesus doesn’t appreciate scandalous, horrific, demonic abuse done ‘in His Name.’ But if His sacrifice is big enough to cleanse me of MY sin, it is big enough to cleanse anyone’s.

If you are a friend of Doug’s, be a real friend of Doug’s. Love him enough to cut through the lies and deception that obscures him. Love him more than you love money, or his lies about getting you more of it. Love him more than you love your special position in his ‘inner circle.’ Love him enough to obey the Spirit of Discernment.

In my own  life, telling the truth to someone who had the power to destroy me, destroyed me. People who resist looking at themselves honestly often have a support system of people who stand to gain by being ‘yes men.’ Doug is no exception. But I believe the Lord values those who stand up to self-delusion, and spiritual deception. In my case, I was alone in my fight for the person I loved, who was caught in self-delusion and spiritual deception. I did not know how to fight & made a lot of mistakes. It was my aloneness and my own personal failures that resulted in losing as much as I did. But I would rather know that God was proud of me, mistakes and all, than to have never tried.

There are enough of you connected to Doug, that you don’t have to try to be the Light Bringer by yourself. If you are willing to obey the Spirit of Discernment, ask God to lead you to others who will also. He loves Doug & wants him to show fruit in keeping with repentance, as he does for the rest of us. Will you put Doug’s spiritual needs above your own comfort?

This was posted this morning on Facebook by someone I met via this blog. When you read, realize that Doug McClain got his start in ministry & in crime through this cult:

Just finished reading “cult child”, the true story of a young girl who grew up in Sam Fife’s abusive horror “Christian cult camp”. Good read if you care about the abused who are tortured in the name of Jesus 😢 I really don’t understand why real Christians don’t get involved with investigating these types of claims as they are numerous. How can we look the other way? 😥😭

– I agree with this woman. Do you ?

Yours in Christ,


~ by DeborahLayne on October 29, 2016.

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